Carolina Classifieds

We publish two separate Festival, Places and Events Magazines every three months with state editions covering the Carolinas and Virginia. Each edition features informative articles on festivals, places of interest and family events.

The classified ads below are intended to provide a forum for event managers to find event professionals (artisans, crafters, vendors, performers, business exhibitors, etc) who want to work at events. In addition, event professionals may sell equipment or supplies. Go here for Classified Ad Rates. Web classifieds are marketed through a popular enewsletter sent to thousands of vendors who have signed up to receive it. Reach these event professionals and thousands more through our festival magazines!


Carolina Classifieds Winter 2017


Raleigh Antiques Extravaganza - Mar 24-26, 17 - Raleigh, NC. Well attended. Good Spaces avail for top dealers - (336) 924-8337.

Farmville Dogwood Festival - Apr 28-30, 17 - Farmville, NC. 30th, @25M attend. Seeking hi-qual A&C. Commer & Food Vend spaces also avail. Cl (252) 753-5814 or eml Visit for appli.

Kernersville Spring Folly - May 5-7, 17 - Kernersville, NC. 25th, 15M attend. Vends visit for appli/info.

Newport Pig Cookin' Contest - Apr 7-8, 17 - NEWPORT, NC. 39th, 12+M attend. Largest Whole Hog contest in USA. Cookers and vendors - info/appli -

Rumba On The Lumber - Mar 3-5, 17 - Vendors & KidZone - CL H. Bullard, (843) 385-3180 or eml or visit

Seafood, Blues & Jazz Festival - Apr 23, 17/Oct 14-15, 17 - Pleasure Island, NC. Seeking a&c, gen, hi qual, no food vends. Cl (910) 458-8434 or visit
Two festivals in 2017, the spring one to make up for the hurricane washout last fall and the regular fall event.

St. Patrick's Festival - Mar 11, 17 - Emerald Isle, NC. 26th, @20M attend. Seeking a&c, HANDMD only, St. Pat or Seascape theme a plus. EML: Visit for info/appli.

Virginia Highlands Festival - Jul 28-Aug 6, 17 - Abingdon, Va. 69th, 50M+ attend. Seeking top artisan and crftrs for premiere Appalachian summer 10-day event. Demonstrators welcome. International food vend only. Visit for appl. DDLN: Feb 15, 17.



Blue Ridge Fest - Apr 28, 17 - Pickens, SC. 20th, wel attended. Visit - Cl (800) 240-3400.

Blue Crab Festival - May 20-21, 17 - Little River, SC. 35th, 30M+ attend. Seeking a&c, hndmd only, sea theme a plus. Cl Hubert Bullard, (843) 385-3180 or eml Visit

Iris Festival - May 26-28, 17 - Sumter, SC. 76th, 30M attend. Seeking a&c, HANDMADE only. Visit for info/appl. (803) 436-2640

Iron City Festival - Apr 14-15, 17 - Blacksburg. 13th, wel attended. Vends visit for info/appli.

Pickens Azalea Festival - Pickens, SC - Apr 14-15, 17. 33rd. Seeking a&c, HANDMADE only. NO food vend. Eml or cl (864) 878-3258.